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The staff at WCHM continues to recognize the advancements and accomplishments over the past 10 years in wound care and hyperbaric medicine. The magazine has launched its own website www.WoundEducationMagazine.com so past articles can be readily found/accessed by all practitioners via keywords and google searches. The articles can also be used for continuing education and reference sources. In a few short months, the website has received over 550 visitors. Check it out.

In this issue, WCHM continues to spotlight an archived article that had an impact in wound care, hyperbaric medicine, facility safety, quality control, billing and coding, legal issues, and/or continuing medical education (CME). Generous sponsors and prolific and knowledgeable contributing authors are recognized.

This issue’s archived article is from Michael Strauss, MD, who has been a WCHM contributor since its inception over 10 years ago. Dr. Strauss has been the largest contributor to WCHM with over 30 articles submitted in wound care, diving medicine, and hyperbaric medicine. His archived article can be found in the wound care section and discusses the challenges of wound healing. Go to the magazine website to find all of his past articles.

WCHM is the only free online magazine covering all topics under pressure: wound care, hyperbaric medicine, and diving medicine with a circulation of over 13,000 wound care and hyperbaric medicine practitioners and interested parties.

The magazine’s past and present role continues to be a fair, objective, nonpartisan, international publication dedicated to reporting and commenting on the knowledge and advances in science and technology encompassing wound care and hyperbaric oxygen therapy. It reports on currently accepted and emerging clinical applications as well as the associated economic, social, and political issues and events that influence the administration, growth, and development of the field.

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