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Wound Care & Hyperbaric Medicine is brought to you by the industry's leader in literary resources, Best Publishing Company.

Now in its 10th year, WCHM is an online magazine published quarterly and distributed to an audience of over 10,000. It is the world's only FREE online magazine covering the topics of wound care, undersea and hyperbaric medicine.


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The start of 2019 marks the 10th year of circulation for the Wound Care & Hyperbaric Medicine magazine.  The mission of the magazine is to be a fair, objective, nonpartisan, international publication dedicated to reporting and commenting on the current state of knowledge and advances in the science and technology encompassing hyperbaric oxygen therapy, wound care, and diving medicine.

As our publications have demonstrated success in the marketplace and proved longevity, we are now reaching out to product manufacturers and service providers with advertising opportunities.

We invite you to download and review our pdfAdvertising Insertion Order and start growing your business today! Please contact us with any questions. 

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